What is the Tech Valley Connect model?

The Tech Valley Connect model (TVC) is a regional collaborative business model  to assist area economic development organizations (EDO) in their ability to attract and retain talent.  The model originates from the Capital Region of New York State where the program formed a consortium of professional hiring employers in the region with the focus of providing focused resources for new and recent hires and their families specifically pre-hire consultation, dual career support, community integration and cultural transitioning.  The Tech Valley Connect model serves as a valuable recruitment tool as well as a  significantly effective method for retention.

How is this resource beneficial to new hires and those with families?

Moving into a new area can be stressful and time consuming for a professional who is diving into a new job. Relocation can be extraordinary in its isolation to family members as well as the new hire. People lose their connections to professional networks, family and personal resources.  The Connect model helps accelerate both personal and professional networks to break isolation and get the newcomers connected as soon as possible.

What makes this model unique?

The organizations belonging to the consortium commit to high-level informational interviews for “accompanying spouses” of hired professionals within the consortium.

Instead of internal efforts from each employer, the EDO acts as a centralized hub of information and connects newcomers to area professional and personal resources to alleviate the responsibility that has historically been placed on employers.

The outsourced holistic support approach is a progressive and successful method in addressing issues that have plagued the academic, health and business communities for decades.

What is an informational interview?

An informational interview guarantees a face-to-face with a senior level manager in the specific field of the job seeker. Although the interview does not guarantee a position, it offers valuable elements of networking that can accelerate the job search.

How does this regional collaborative model benefit the economic development organization?

Most economic development organizations enjoy an employer-based membership where they host varying programs that assist and support those employers. By implementing this fee-for-service programming, the EDO is in a position to strengthen their individual relationships with area employers:

  • By becoming a centralized hub where employers can outsource much of their on-boarding effort to a more streamlined, focused and comprehensive suite of services that support new hires and valued candidates.
  • By establishing another revenue stream that can not only pay for the resources to operate this programming, but also create potential funding for needed programs.
  • By working substantively to leverage talent attraction and increase retention in their region
  • And much more….


Are there any specific accommodations made for international hires?

Yes. The Connect Model has gathered specialized structured resources to help support foreign nationals to integrate into U.S. culture.

Will there be follow-up after the initial implementation of the program?

Yes. Not only do EDOs have access to our consultants, information exchanges, and metric sharing,  but we have set up a ‘CONNECT share’ initiative with our sister programs to meet regularly where they can share best practices and innovation.

How do Economic Development Organizations know the program will be effective?

For most ‘new’ ideas, this is a really good question.  However, we are fortunate to have proof of concept in the original program, now called Talent Connect at the Center for Economic Growth in Albany, New York.  They program has operated successfully in the Capital Region for the past 7 years.

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