The Tech Valley Connect model is an innovative business model to assist regions across the country to leverage their ability in attracting professional talent.  This unique program was originally designed to address dual career challenges and meet the needs of employers who were relocating professionals in the Capital Region of upstate New York. Economic Development Organizations (EDO) act as centralized resource hubs navigating their employer member’s valued candidates as well as new hires and their families in a way that accelerates their personal and professional networks. Each new hire and those with families face demanding challenges when they consider relocating to advance their careers. These obstacles can manifest in job offer refusals and even the costly decision to leaving a job soon after being hired.  The Connect Model’s value is found in creating a key confidential resource for newcomers who are able to seek information and support during their relocation process. These newly relocated individuals can accelerate their quality of life and once connected to the things that are most important to them – make the new location a permanent destination.

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