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This month, Tech Valley Connect teamed up with the Hope 7 Center of Troy to adopt families in need! 20151123_113136 (2)

Advice on the best way for academic couples to search for jobs



Pas de Deux: Dual-Career Searches

 November 11, 2015

Academics are increasingly part of dual-career couples, and when one partner is ready to make a transition to a new position, perhaps in a new location, two professional trajectories need to be maintained. If you are confronting your first job search as a couple, you may wonder how to undertake the search jointly and what factors to bear in mind. Continue reading “Advice on the best way for academic couples to search for jobs” »

Capital Hauntings Tour with Tech Valley Connect

On the evening of the 27th of October, Tech Valley Connect staff and clients braved the hauntings tour of the New York State Capitol to learn of all the ghosts legends say are still creeping down the corridors…




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Tech Valley Connect End-of-Summer Cocktail Party

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Fall Newsletter

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Check out this blog post about all the great things to do in Troy, NY!

Tenacious Troy: A Rebirth in Totalityimg_6103_tonemapped



At least one person at each stop along my “Upstate New York Small Cities Blog Tour” asked me the same question.  “Have you checked out Troy yet?”  Like Utica, Schenectady and Binghamton, my only knowledge of Troy was that it was an economically and structurally run down city with some really good universities.  Suddenly however, person after person was telling me about the exciting things happening there, so it seemed like the perfect fit for blog stop #4.

More than any other blog I’ve written, this entry focuses largely on business owners and their takes on the incredible success of Troy’s downtown revitalization.  I discovered in the first hour I was there that the small locally owned businesses, their “tenacious” owners and a pro-business environment has created this stunning comeback.


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Singin’ in the Rain @ Park Playhouse

On the evening of Wednesday, July 15th, Tech Valley Connect staff, clients and their families attended Park Playhouse’s production of Singin’ in the Rain.


Park Playhouse is just one of the numerous arts attractions in the Capital Region. The Playhouse puts on separate performances in July & August. This year, the season opened with Singin’ in the Rain, based on the MGM classic, which runs through July 25th. Next month, the Playhouse will perform The Pajama Game, based on the novel 7 1/2 cents, from August 1st – 22nd.

Performances take place every Tuesday through Sunday. Preferred reserved seating is available in the price range of $16-$18. Bleacher and lawn seating is free, but get there early! Seats fill up fast.


For more information about Park Playhouse and its productions, visit

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Summer in the Capital Region

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Networking is Key to Finding Executive Positions


Published by ExecuNet April 2015


Eighty-five percent. That’s how many executives found their next job through activities other than scouring job listings. How do we know that? Because only 15% of the top executive jobs — the ones that are truly for senior-level executives like yourself — are ever publicly posted online.*

What do executives say works best to find new career options? Networking. Getting referrals from current contacts in their network and finding people in target companies and networking with them.*

For example, here’s what a few of our members shared about how they found their new opportunity.

  • Reach out to broadest network possible, and keep your message of what you are good at and want to do, simple, short and concise!
  • Don’t network too much with friends, expand your network beyond that. Work with all areas, recruiters, online job boards, company webspartnership - puzzle piecesites, face-to-face networking, etc.
  • Network and then network some more. I strove to have 5 meetings or calls per week and used every meeting/call to ask for more contacts to network with.
  • Learn how to ‘play the game’ as quickly as possible, i.e. have a good résumé ready with plenty of keywords included, try to make contact with the hiring person at a target company, try to be as focused as possible.


Dual Career couples: 3 tips to help them endure

Dual-career couples often struggle with tradeoffs, not only between work and personal life, but between each of their careers. Their lives are filled with negotiation. Whose career will take priority? How will domestic work be divided? And what if one or both partners become unhappy with the deal they’ve created? Can they renegotiate?

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